Semi Gloss

Face Stock

White, woodfree, one-side clay coated paper for self-adhesive application.

Basis weight           80 gr/ m2         ISO 536

Caliper                     0,066 mm       ISO 534

Gloss Gardner         65%            ISO 8254-1

Brightness ISO        95%              ISO 2470


Basis weight    155 gr/ m+/-5gr  ISO 536

Caliper                0,130 mm      +/-10%


Initial tack            700 N/m FTM 9 glass

Peel adhes  90°     300 N/m FTM 2

Min application temp.                    0 °С

Service temp                 -40 °С to  +80 °С

Applications and use

Good adhesive properties enable to use this product on a wide variety of flat and curved faces, including such materials as glass, cardboard, PE and PP films. This product may be used in wide range of packaging applications, however prior product testing is advised to verify product’s end use suitability.

Conversion / Printing

This product can be converted at high speed by using any of conventional roll converting technologies, including flexographic and UV letter press. The glossy finish of the product offers the highest print quality by all conventional printing technologies. It is always advised to test inks and varnishes before conversion.